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Ford Motor Company (National Tech Team), Dearborn MI

At Ford Systems Integration Center, I was a key contributor in a large Global Roll out of NetWare 3.x and 4.x, my responsibilities included Level III support, Version Control, Automated Disaster Recovery, NetWare printing, and Global 3.x to 4.x migration planning.

I wrote a Disaster recover program with Palindrome, that would allow "anyone" to rebuild a failed Netware server with only a floppy disk, and a tape drive. We also adapted this same process to allow for the rapid deployment of Netware servers in the field.

I'm still occasionally asked if I would be interested in hiring with both Ford and Novell from my contacts there. I also attained my Novell Master CNE (Infrastructure Specialist) certification, while working at Ford.

This was a great learning environment, with the best and brightest from both Novell and Microsoft were doing everything they could to make certain that we had all the tools are resource necessary for a global office automation program. We were beta testing code, and working side by side with these engineers, debugging and modifying code. We had the worlds largest Netware deployment (at the time) and as a result encountered many unique issues.