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GM Truck, Pontiac MI

As Client Delivery Executive, I was the IT Manager, responsible for the entire Intel Platform base at GM Truck. This included 100's of servers and 1000's of clients with Lotus Notes, Desktop Field Support, and Hardware Maintenance.

I also managed the financials for this area of about $ 50M / Yr. and had about 50 direct reports.

After helping to assure a successful Y2K, my main focus for 2000 was cleaning up operational stability issues, left over customer financial issues from 1999, and the migration to an updated Client Server build and Lotus Notes. This migration won the "Lotus Beacon Award" for EDS and GM.

We achieved an 85% improvement in outage reductions and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

My focus for 2001 was new business development and internal financial clean up. Before leaving EDS and the GM account for an outside opportunity, I was offered the position of GM-OnLine Client Delivery Executive for all of GM Develop Product in North America. This would have meant about 200 direct reports, and about a $ 200M budget.

GM was a tough but fair account, and I learned a great deal about managing large teams and customers.