Professional Goals


Project / Deployment Manager

In every professional position in my work history, I have been responsible for some sort of project deployment. This has included implementing financial systems, server, application, workstation, and network deployments. I can work as formally, or as informally as the project and circumstances require. I have exposure to EDS's PM2 methodologies, GM's SDP21 methodologies, I have used a wide range of tools including Microsoft Project, and Computer Associates Super Project, as well as the various tools and templates involved in the above methodologies. I don't believe in "winging it", unless emergency circumstance dictate such actions. I also avoid trying to over manage a project, which introduces other inefficiencies. I tend to break complex projects into smaller digestible chunks. While this may sound like simple common sense, it often is not practiced. My key to a successful project is to set realistic goals, but create incentives for a talented team to exceed those goals in timeliness, quality, and customer satisfaction. Next I turn the talented people loose, but keep close tabs on their progress, in case some mid-course corrections need to be made. I like to focus on results, not milestone.