Professional Goals


Operations / Account Manager

Give me your operational problems to solve. Give me you most difficult account(s). I have wonderful success making lemonade out of lemons. Often a fresh perspective and approach will help a difficult situation. I have a track record of making the best of difficult situations. I don't promise that everyone will like me, but I do deliver results, and that is something that everyone can agree to appreciate. I have an informal, but serious results oriented approach. I empower staff to error on the side of going the extra mile for the customer / be it internal or external. I focus on the big problems that are impacting satisfaction, and will yield the biggest results when resolved. I have managed large accounts with direct staff of over 50, and indirect staff of 100's. I've had multiple managers reporting to me, and in my current position, I report directly to the CEO of the company. From an operations perspective I have experience in all the basic blocking and tackling, as well was designing support structures for diversity, redundancy, and disaster recovery.