Professional Goals  


CIO/CTO Director of IT

My professional goal is to manage large departments, teams or entire corporate IT departments. I excel at taking a corporate vision and synthesizing that vision into IT realities. I have extensive experience and training in contract negotiation, managing a large scale deployment and staff.

I am not afraid to lead. Although consensus building is important, I would not sacrifice a project's success, just to keep the peace. I do listen and consider each department's concerns and opinion, but in the end I implement the better solution for the company as a whole considering both short term and long term goals. Sometimes some feathers will get ruffled along the way, but once the results are in, there are no complaints.

My background in finance and managing large budgets lends itself to CIO positions.

My broad technical exposure allows me to focus on the big picture and not just one aspect of IT, which maps well to a CTO.

I am not one to sit in a glass office and make uninformed choices. I have done everything from programming to building and repairing hardware. I've worked on mainframes, mini's, micro computers and servers. I've been out in factories stringing cables and programming switches and routers at 3am over holiday breaks. I like to get my hands dirty, and while I may not be deep dive technical on some specific hardware and software, I don't feel a manager's role is to be a subject matter expert on everything.

A managers role it to focus all available resources (people and technology) on getting the desired results.