Paul W. Downing
2683 Wareing Dr, Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248) 393-1330                               ,

Business Objectives:

My professional goal is to manage large departments, teams or corporate IT departments. I excel at taking a corporate vision and synthesizing that vision into IT realities. I have extensive experience and training in IT and Network management, contract negotiation, managing a large scale deployment and staff. A detailed résumé can be found at

I enjoy working for a company that is interested in getting things done, problems solved, and chaos under control. I personally thrive in an intense multitasking environment that allows me to apply my extensive experience in IT, Financial, Business Development, Programming and Management positions..

Job Qualifications:
People Management - Up to 50 direct and 100's of indirect reports
Budget and Financial Management - Up to $50 Million Annual Budgets
Network Management - 50 Locations in 15 Countries
Server Management - Enterprise Servers and 100's of file and print servers
PC & Workstation Management - Up to 10,000 seats
Enterprise Deployments - Two ERP, Lotus Notes and other large scale deployments


Apr 01 - Current

VP Business Dev & NW Mgr


Dec 99 - Mar 01

IT Manager

EDS / Seagate

Apr 99 - Dec 99

IT Manager

EDS / Boston Scientific

Mar 98 - Jun 99

IT & NW Manager

EDS / Peregrine

Jan 97 - Mar 98

IT & NW Manager

EDS / American Axle

Jun 95 - Jan 97

IT & NW Manager

NTT / Ford

May 94 - Jun 95

Tech Lead

Nohr & Assoc.

Sep 91 - May 94

Tech Lead

One Source Computers

Nov 87 - Sep 91


Accurate Data System

Feb 87 - Jan 89


BITS Computers

Dec 84 - Jan 87


Brighton, Hartland
South Lyon, Huron
Valley Schools

1980 - 1985

Adult Ed. Instr.

Paul W. Downing
2683 Wareing Dr, Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248) 393-1330                               ,


1984 Michigan State University, Lansing MI
Lyman Briggs Honors Science Program and Computer Science Programs - While attending MSU, I was also teaching 3 adult education classes. I was recruited by a firm that had seen some of my programming work and articles I have had nationally published. I left MSU to start a career in programming.

1985 Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI
Accounting and Computer Science - I attended EMU while working full time at BITS computers and teaching adult education classes. Since I was working professionally, as a programmer I was already advanced beyond the instructors.

Other Certifications and technical training
While at Ford Motor Company, I obtained my Master Novell Certified Netware Engineer certification in Netware 4.x with an infrastructure specialty. This was more than a "paper" certification. At Ford, we were on the cutting edge of this technology working side by side, with some of the best engineers that worked at Novell. I also took several Unix Administration Classes.

While at EDS, I also attended several of the Microsoft NT Advanced Server Classes to learn the nuances of NT vs Novell for my role at technical lead, and IT deployment manager.  EDS has an extensive in house training program, and I participated in several key programs including; Leadership Excellence, Financial Planning, Needs Requirements Determination and Analysis, Product Life Cycle Management, Employee Management, Manufacturing Enterprise Planning, and more.

High School - 1984 Brighton High School, Brighton MI

While at High School I was taking Advanced Placement course in Physics, Chemistry and Math. I was also teaching adult education programs in computer sciences, writing software on a consulting basis for several companies. I was published in two national publications for computer software.

Personal Information - Born in the Midwest in 1966, I've lived in Michigan for most of my life. I have two wonderful young boys, and have been married since 1989.

Hobbies & Activities - We live on a lake, and enjoy all the activities associated with that. I also work on computers and web sites in my spare time and do a little amateur photography. We are active in the local church, and the cub scouts. I am the treasurer and webmaster for our cub scout pack.

Paul W. Downing
2683 Wareing Dr, Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248) 393-1330                               ,



VP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT / NW MANAGER - My current position is Vice President of new Business Development. While here, I have helped to introduce several new product lines that have contributed significantly to the company's profitability. I have also mentored other executives to assist them in bringing the company up to the next level of professionalism and quality. Most recently I led the migration of our accounting system from an outside company to a new in house system. This migration will help the company save almost $200,000 / year. For my part in leading  this effort, I have received the company's first annual Presidents Award for Excellence. Since taking on the additional role of NW Manager, I have implemented cost savings of over $200,000 / year.  Out of respect for my company and our customers, and due to my standing within the company, I am choosing not to disclose the name of the company outside of an interview. This company serves the Automotive & Aerospace supplier and OEM markets.  

12/1999 - 3/2001        EDS / GM       PONTIAC, MI

CLIENT DELIVERY MANAGER (IT MANAGER) - As Client Delivery Executive, I was the IT Manager, responsible for the entire Intel Platform base at GM Truck. This included 100's of servers and 1000's of clients with Lotus Notes, Desktop Field Support, and Hardware Maintenance. I also managed the financials for this area of about $ 50M / Yr. and had about 50 direct reports. After helping to assure a successful Y2K, my main focus for 2000 was cleaning up operational stability issues, left over customer financial issues from 1999, and the migration to an updated Client Server build and Lotus Notes. This migration won the "Lotus Beacon Award" for EDS and GM. We achieved an 85% improvement in outage reductions and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores. My focus for 2001 was new business development and internal financial clean up. Before leaving EDS and the GM account for an outside opportunity, I was offered the position of GM-OnLine Client Delivery Executive for all of GM Develop Product in North America. This would have meant about 200 direct reports, and about a $ 200M budget. GM was a tough but fair account, and I learned a great deal about managing large teams and customers.

4/1999 - 12/1999        EDS / SEAGATE        BLOOMINGTON, MN

CLIENT DELIVERY EXECUTIVE (IT MANAGER) - As Client Delivery Executive, I was the IT Manager, responsible for the delivery of Help Desk, Desktop Field Support, and Hardware Maintenance. We supported about 3000 seats in Seagate's Bloomington, MN campus. I also managed the financials and service levels from the leveraged internal EDS organizations of about $ 2M / Yr. While there, I worked out the financial issues lingering from the sales / implementation efforts, stabilized the accounting and implemented web based reporting for Sr. Staff at Seagate. This was a very interesting assignment as we were supporting the R&D areas of Seagate, and thus we needed to provide system support inside of clean room environments. It also provided deeper insights into different facets of clean room manufacturing. This was a filler assignment while I transitioned from Boston back to Detroit.

Paul W. Downing
2683 Wareing Dr, Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248) 393-1330                               ,

3/1998 - 6/1999          EDS / BOSTON SCIENTIFIC            NATICK MA

CLIENT DELIVERY MANAGER (IT MANAGER) - As Client Delivery Executive, I was the IT Manager and the Network Operations Manager, responsible for startup ,implementation, and steady state of the account. This included Help Desk, Desktop Field Support, and Hardware Maintenance, Unix and NT Server administration and more. As Network Manager, I was responsible for a team supporting 600 Network Hubs Devices, 80 Routers, and the LAN/WAN at ~ 50 Customer locations worldwide in ~ 15 countries. We also provided Data Center Support for ~ 8000 seats. My financial responsibilities included management of a $40 contract, and development of a $10M additional H/W maintenance contract. My team also project managed the network merger of the division of Pfizer that they purchased. My family and I decided not to take a long delayed EDS relocation offer to Boston or an offer to be the overall account manager. There were ~ 90 EDS team members on site at the BSC account, in addition to leveraged resources in Plano TX. This fascinating assignment involved managing the IT facilities at Boston Scientific, which had it's R&D in clean room environments in Natick and other manufacturing facilities around the globe. They make Micro-invasive surgical devices like stents, and angioplasty devices. The other interesting item is that their headquarters were the previous home to Carling Black Label Brewery, and you could still go into the basement, and see where all the old facilities were largely still in tact. It was a very employee friendly place to work. I acquired a new found appreciation for just how high-tech the medical industry is, and how refreshing it is to work at an employee centered company.

1/1997 - 6/1998          EDS / PEREGRINE INC        SOUTHFIELD MI


As the EDS TI Account Manager, I was the IT Manager, responsible for startup, implementation, and steady state of the account. This included Help Desk, Desktop Field Support, and Hardware Maintenance, Network, Unix and NT Server administration and more. With an on site team of about 60 people, we implemented a QAD ERP/MRP software package and a complete re-wire of 6 old GM international plants in 6 months to meet a very, very aggressive go live date set by the CEO. Peregrine and EDS received a "QAD Rapid Achiever Award" as a result of this implementation. I was also the technical lead and helped design and implement a brand new State of the Art complete ATM network including the WAN and down to the desktop to lead to the combination of Voice, Data, and Video to each of about 3000 desktops in North America. I was a key contributor to the initial base Statement of Work, as well as a $ 50M TCV contract Renewal, and $ 2M of add on business. Talk about your trial by fires. I don't know if you've ever seen the EDS commercial where they were building the plane at the same time it was flying, but that image fit this account perfectly. Peregrine was a GM Delphi Spin Off (similar to American Axle), and instead of a long protracted (and careful) migration this CEO wanted it done yesterday. Not only that, he wanted to do it with "beta" level hardware, software, and ATM technology. Somehow we sprinted through this marathon, and got the job completed on time and under budget. We started out with an empty building and about 5 customer employees working literally, on empty computer boxes as our desks, to 3 floors, and 3000 or so workstations in only a few months. We ended up having to create a temporary data center in what used to be the buildings cafeteria, and then over a holiday weekend re-terminating 1000's of connections once the "real" data center was built out. We took turns "sleeping" in our cars for 4 days straight. Unfortunately the company, in my opinion, tried to do too much too fast and before long it was financially in trouble. I learned that when properly motivated, a talented and dedicated group of people can accomplish amazing results.

Paul W. Downing
2683 Wareing Dr, Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248) 393-1330                               ,


TECH LEAD / IT MANAGER - Technical Lead / Account Manager responsible for startup through implementation and steady state of the technical Infrastructure. This was my first EDS account, where I survived a trial by fire of a huge ERP/MRP implementation. We successfully implemented a highly redundant LAN, WAN, NT and Unix environment for about 2000 seats, from scratch in this GM Spin Off. I got my first exposure to big systems like T and V Class Multi-Processor Servers from HP, Multi Terabyte Systems from EMC, and more. When my manager moved off site, I pretty much ran the technical and financial end of things, and declined a formal promotion to TI Account Mgr. After murders and drug raids, I jumped at the chance to manage EDS's IT service offerings at a different account (Peregrine).This was a challenging environment, where the old style way of doing things was in constant conflict with the new management style of doing things. I learned that there were few union procedures that could not be overcome with hot coffee and a few dozen donuts.


5/1994 - 6/1995          NTT / FORD   DEARBORN MI

TECH LEAD - At Ford Systems Integration Center, I was a key contributor in a large Global Roll out of NetWare 3.x and 4.x, my responsibilities included Level III support, Version Control, Automated Disaster Recovery, NetWare printing, and Global 3.x to 4.x migration planning. I wrote a Disaster recover program with Palindrome, that would allow "anyone" to rebuild a failed Netware server with only a floppy disk, and a tape drive. We also adapted this same process to allow for the rapid deployment of Netware servers in the field. I'm still occasionally asked if I would be interested in hiring with both Ford and Novell from my contacts there. I also attained my Novell Master CNE (Infrastructure Specialist) certification, while working at Ford. This was a great learning environment, with the best and brightest from both Novell and Microsoft were doing everything they could to make certain that we had all the tools are resource necessary for a global office automation program. We were beta testing code, and working side by side with these engineers, debugging and modifying code. We had the worlds largest Netware deployment (at the time) and as a result encountered many unique issues.

9/1991 - 5/1994          NOHR AND ASSOCIATES (NOW CALLED ASTON)        ANN ARBOR MI

TECH LEAD / NETWORK MANAGER - As the network and technical specialist for Nohr & Associates, I was responsible for all aspects of network installations and support. My skills also encompass EDI systems, Bar Code readers, Program development, Voice Mail Systems, Accounting systems installation and training, Classroom training and Course development. Some of our customers included Cottage Inn, Ho-Lee Chow, A&W, and Unique restaurants. I recently hired Aston Group to assist in our accounting system deployment, where it was indicated that if I ever wished to go back into the consulting business that I should look them up.

Paul W. Downing
2683 Wareing Dr, Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248) 393-1330                               ,

11/1987 - 9/1991        ONE SOURCE COMPUTERS            BRIGHTON, MI

OWNER - As an owner of One Source Computers (a retail computer store), I was chief cook and bottle washer! I sold and installed PC's, networks, and accounting systems. I also had first hand experience in the daily management and running of a small business, and all of the "fun" associated with that experience.I learned valuable lessons on why you should not go into business with people you barely know, and that getting everything in writing is very important. But, it was an important experience where I learned the hard way about merchandising, advertising, stocking levels, etc.

2/1987 - 1/1989          ACCURATE DATA SYSTEM           SOUTHFIELD, MI

PROGRAMMER - I was the manager supervising all of the U.S. PC installations for Accurate Data Systems. Other responsibilities included a programmer of accounting software, Midwestern U.S. network installations and training, and Technical consulting. I left Accurate Data to expand my growing business of selling computers from my home into a full time operation. This was an interesting "Family Run" company that created inventory and accounting systems used by petroleum distributors. One tip I learned on the job is that at many Gas stations Mid Grade and Economy are the exact same product coming from the exact same tank. They are just labeled differently. Another interesting item (to me anyway) is that this is where I met my wife, from a blind date with the office receptionist's daughter's best friend.

12/1984 - 1/1987        BITS COMPUTERS   MILFORD, MI

PROGRAMMER - While at BITS Computers, I was head programmer responsible for re-writing a complete accounting system and customer support. I also worked with simple CPM / MPM LANs, and provided hardware repair in the field and office as needed. This system is still in use today at several lumber yards and hardware stores. It was interesting how I came to work for BITS. When I was younger, I purchased a Commodore 64, however, because there were no games for it I started to write my own video games. I showed a few of them a local computer store, and years later one of the programmers remembered me, and my software skills, and offered me a job.

1/1980 - 1/1985          VARIOUS SCHOOL DISTRICTS      MI

ADULT ED INSTRUCTOR - Brighton, Hartland, South Lyon, Huron Valley. Although I was a high school student, I was also an Adult Education Instructor for the above school districts. I taught computer basics, Spread Sheets, Data Base Management, Word Processing, and Programming in BASIC, Pascal, and other languages. When there was a substitute teacher in high school computer class, they called me out of my classes for the day to instruct the computer classes.