Executive Referral
Candidate recommendation

Dear Sir or Madam:

I wanted to notify you about an individual that you may want to consider for your recent job posting.   I noticed that you are looking for someone with Extensive Experience in the Information Technology field, as well as Strong Leadership and Business Sense.    This individual is currently working in an executive V.P. capacity for an applications service provider in the Automotive and Aerospace fields and looking for an opportunity to work for a company with vision, stability, and growth potential.  He is not hung up on titles, but would be an excellent candidate for IT Director, CTO, Operations Manager, Enterprise Deployments and more.

Prior to this position he was responsible for managing a $50 Million account for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) at General Motors.  While at EDS, he was also responsible for large scale deployments (ERP, HR, PDM, 10,000 Seats, 15 Countries, 50 Sites, Terabytes of storage, etc), for such national accounts as Boston Scientific (High Tech Medical, Clean Room Mfg), Seagate (High Tech Elec., Clean Room Mfg), American Axle (Automotive Supplier Mfg), Peregrine, Inc (Automotive Supplier Mfg).  For these accounts he was the business/account manager, technical lead, part of the sales pursuit team, and signed significant add on contracts from $2-$20M.   Prior to joining EDS he was a technical lead for a large scale server deployment project at Ford Motor Company.

He is that rare breed of technical manager that understands both technology and business.  He is equally skilled in front of the board of directors, as he is working on software, hardware and circuits.  He has built these skills largely from extensive hands on experience over the past 15 years.

He is open, honest, and prizes his work ethics as beyond reproach. He is a real go getter, and will do whatever it takes to get a project, task or goal completed on time and within budget.

While he is not actively looking for a new position, he has indicated that he is open to exploring attractive and challenging opportunities.  I think you two might make a good match.

For further information, please contact me at paul@downing-home.com or you can review his online resume site, which can be found at www.downing-home.com.


Paul W. Downing